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Entrepreneurship Empowerment: Surf Lessons with Pepe

By September 23, 2013One Comment

There is nothing like Pepe running into the WAVES house and telling you to put your wetsuit on because we are going surfing. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. He takes time to stop on the beach and go over the pop-up and other advice before we jump in the water and paddle to the line-up. As a newbie to surfing, it is intimidating to go for a wave when there are lots of people around you who actually know what they are doing. However, when you’re in the water with Pepe he makes everyone around know that the next wave is yours and gives you the confidence to go for it! As the session progressed, he was a huge source of encouragement and a great instructor giving advice as I worked to ride the waves.


The Entrepreneurship Empowerment Initiative is all about people like Pepe. He has an incredible gift for teaching and is a passionate surfer. He has worked with the WAVES Community Surf Classes as an Assistant Instructor and has shown great dedication and commitment. In November, WAVES will be supporting Pepe to become an ISA certified Instructor. With this accreditation, he will be able to be an official instructor and head-up the development and opening of a WAVES Surf School.

Pepe is one of many local people with unique gifts and interests that through the WAVES Entrepreneurship Empowerment Initiative, has the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills. In addition to WAVES creating a Surf School with Pepe, we have been busy over the last month re-opening the Surf Shop and are slowly working to increase the stock and publicize the store. We have also been busy developing a Community Business Course that will teach business skills and micro-finance small businesses. There are many opportunities for small business growth and development and I am really excited about expanding the Entrepreneurship Empowerment component of WAVES over the coming year!


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