Help Us Impact Local Youth!

Right now only 30% of Peruvian students finish high school and 70% of those who drop out of school then work as a fishermen. With your help we can increase these statistics.

With as little as $10 you can help a young child gain access to a local surf class where they can make friends and be mentored by our volunteers.

We are Waves For Development and our mission is to understand the needs of our community, give a positive safe space for our local youth and assure our young people a positive path to adulthood.

Your Support Can Provide

Help us provide support for our
local community of Lobitos.

Our Programs Use 5 Pillars To Promote Mental Health

Save Space

We provide a safe space for our youth to develop.

Adult Caregiver

We provide an adult instructor and mentor for our children

Fun Activity

We seek to provide a fun activity that is enjoyable

Teachable Moments

We provide teachable moments to encourage development

Positive Connections

We supply positive connections providing new opportunities

Our 2022 Goals

With your support we can add two new programs to support our local youth this year.

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Art Therapy

Help us provide a safe space for creativity. Creativity in children will give them the tools to transform difficulties and limitations into possibilities for change.

Language Workshops

We want to contribute to the intellectual development of our community in order to provider them with the tools to achieve their professional goals.

Help us provide support for our
local community of Lobitos.