Press release

II Regenerative Surf Congress in Lobitos, Peru

From October 25 to 28, 2023, the Second Regenerative Surfing Congress will take place in Lobitos, in the Piura region, Peru. This annual event is organized by the NGOs Waves Lobitos and Waves International, and aims to explore ways in which surfing can play a fundamental role in restoring and regenerating the natural environment, building resilient communities and promoting social justice.

This three-day conference will provide participants with a unique opportunity to connect, learn and collaborate. During the event, a series of activities will take place, including presentations of national and international initiatives, interactive workshops, and conferences. Experts in various fields, from legal aspects and financing to design thinking, surf therapy, marine conservation and artisanal fishing, have been invited to lead masterclasses with the purpose of providing support and guidance to projects in their development processes.

In this edition, we turn our attention to evaluating the impact that our first meeting has had on various communities. We will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the effects of surfing, addressing its challenges comprehensively. In addition, we will explore how the regenerative approach in this sport not only influences the quality of life, but also the improvement of the environment in which it takes place.


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