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Last year, our dear friends, Beyond the Surface International and Coast 2 Coast, launched #WomenandWater with Sarah Hauser in Lobitos, Peru. This program uses water sports, participatory audio-visual arts, and wellness workshops to engage local women and girls as key agents in water management while building their inner and outer strength!

This is year two of their amazing program and this year they are partnering up with Changing Tides Foundation to keep the project going and get even more girls involved. Emi, Sarah, Nico, Ale, Henry and the rest of their amazing team will be focuses on water, sanitation, and hygiene which they are calling #WASH.[0]=68.ARAusrnsEo3Jq6cKGOVP0zLwjd3E1HJIBquH8yhSraXwRVzI0o_lawt71eMs7DmWkblmWdWpRpRIybww1GircRg8yotLx1jupvtn6cUcstblLk8PJLqmUQLgadG_F2JUhfZBLJBw0Qsv5rr4Fys5ogehDM3VXiEd1Ngf7kNj0xy-LpwrTGWrl-w9pcAjPY_r01-4pjRDJqeJlzDu6-bt8cdWg_77F1wraqZLk9Hv37skoP3FhE0caFUJyK5CS3_zmxX5j4TYv6hhYCy5FuQXKZt–ZxZ2i1DC9QGw_IITDdAbk8D3TF2jovntgPeGl2Xtl0kzZaSOcxTFm9GzPN6PdG-dDQFTkW5NElSr-o64CEL7yIEdkKLhdrTt4iIMVMYFzAqs9I8HpRx7rUnW2jICURGsw9J18lCaW9X7BB1IUqyytbJQ9iTdvoIGB84JWu7emlkkVl81rO2H5mwLAgk6xSgY2ZCKGFEcICrfjKgqTtAd7cmA58aAP_CuTd5PV1Q638qWR2zNvBi


We’re stoked to call these talented organizations and thought-leaders our friends and partners. Way to go guys!


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