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Bio-Construction is the respect of nature while promoting health and wellness when building.

Auwa Earth

Course Objective

The course objective is to build a space to be used as tourist office / interpretation center, which will be used for future trainings and an office for WAVES. Check out the FB event page here.

Participating Entities

– WAVES for Development Peru. NGO promoting the course, which has been developing a sustainable tourism program in the community of Lobitos. This course is offered thanks to the support of Australia in Peru and Bolivia

– Forest Service and Wildlife Management SERFOR. Institution that is supporting the course through a transfer of confiscated timber for the construction.

– Association Yachachiq SOLCODE – Alarife Natural Building. Institutions that promote biconstructión in the region.


For the completion of the course 02 stages have been established:
A. Preliminary work to the course
It is the initial stage of the work, the foundations are built, the structure and the roof of the tourist office are installed. This will provide the base, so students can visualize the techniques used to participate in the final phase and completion of the work. This stage lasts 20 days.
B. Bio-Construction Course
This stage culminates with the use of ‘quincha mejorada’ (improved bioearth material) along with mud and without finishing or plastering at the end. Additionally, the terrace will be built and the roof of the office completed. Students collaborate in the final phase of construction and learn the various phases of construction. This stage lasts 10 days.


In addition to practical bioconstruction classes, there will be a series of talks related to the project:
– Surf Voluntourism in Lobitos. WAVES Peru. Kike Basurto Carvo.
– Harvesting techniques, post harvest and treatment of bamboo. SERFOR. Rafael Velasquez Campos.
– Building with Bamboo. NGO Association Yachachiq SOLCODE. Alex Peña Lablán.
– Bio-Construction Techniques – “IMPROVED QUINCHA”. Alarife Natural Building. Wiliam Cardenas Ventura.

Date: 15 to 25 August
Cost: s/. 200 Soles.
No meals / or Accommodation – Free Zone for camping

LOBITEÑOS and / 0 Residents with ID FREE !!!!!!

***Course is offered in Spanish, however, a big focus is on the practical aspects of the techniques through observation. All travelers volunteering with WAVES at the time are invited to participate for free.

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