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This blog post by Forest Woodward is too good not to share here on the WAVES website as well. He’s a gentlemen, a scholar, and a real fun person to hang out with. Thanks for the inspiration, Forest, once again.

Forest Woodward Lobitos boat_600

Growing up, I was home-schooled by adventurous parents who, from the time we were born, exposed us to foreign cultures through travel. At the age of 10, I was handed an old Canon AE-1 and encouraged to use it as a way to explore the places to which we traveled and to engage with the people we met. Traveling, for our family, was not about a vacation from daily life, it was a journey of experiential education that fostered a cycle of openness, curiosity, and connectedness that I still carry with me today. To stay connected to the roots of where my love of photography and travel began, I find it is important to carve out time to return to communities and partner with NGOs where I can volunteer and lend my skills with the camera to help them share their stories, thus balancing time spent taking pictures with a focused effort to giving back, as well.

Read the full article here. Want to see more from Forest’s latest trip to Lobitos? Check out this post on the Audiovisual Experience.


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