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You know those fortunate times in your life, when you sit back and are thankful for the wonderful things happening? This past May was one of those times. Friends and soon-to-be friends hailing from different corners of the world rallying behind the WAVES mission with their time, talent and treasure. It was the soft launch of the Lobitos Cinema Project, the brainchild of Nicolas Landa. It was the first time visiting for a director/producer of CAPTURE: A WAVES Documentary. The third time for others. Good friends, who just so happen to be amazing artists, designers, nonprofiteers, professional photographers, and award-winning film makers. Well, as you might imagine, if you bring a bunch of astonishing people together, astonishing things will happen. Here’s a glimpse into the magic:

Beyond the incredible people that were there, doing incredible things – the session represented something else – the use of creative art as education. Photography as education. Cinematography as

education. Proyecto Iris, an initiative which Henry Espinoza Panta is helping lead in Lobitos, is a great example of the student becoming the teacher. All of the pieces resulted in more than the sum of the parts. Cross cultural teams were formed to participatively create 1 minute videos of whatever they decided. Stay tuned for more of the results…


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