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This blog was written by Alex, our current English Teacher at our program in Lobitos, Peru. Alex is hoping to introduce technology in the classroom to further engage with her English students and provide them with the opportunity to use new, fun learning methods. Read her message below to learn more and if you would like to help you can participate in our iPad fund you can by donating here.

We are a non-profit organization based in Lobitos, a remote town of the northern Peru. Along with the other areas such as surf and environmental education that we offer to the kids of Lobitos, we teach them English within the local secondary school. Our program aims to empower the local youth and offer them the tools for better opportunities for their future.

  • We believe using iPads in our classes would strongly benefit our students for the following reasons:
    Since the local school equipment is poor, our learning basically relies only on our official English book and some handmade cards or sheets. Using language apps, like DuoLingo, would allow the English class to be more dynamic and would introduce the kids to a fun way of learning, making them discover new learning methods.
  • Through the language apps, we would also be able to better track the students’ improvements and to identify their needs in order to provide more accurate support.
  • Needless to say, the majority of our students do not have access to technology such as tablets and internet. Using iPads and DuoLingo would give us the opportunity not only to teach them English, but also about make them familiar with innovative technology use. This would be a tremendous opportunity to open their minds about today’s technology and about that internet use opens endless possibilities.

Can you or your business help us fund this project to make a difference in the classroom? Contact us or donate here.

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