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While the title may be ‘Fun with Floors’ it also really should encapsulate the feeling of improving lives by creating a health-supportive environment. Of being part of something greater. Of meeting and interacting with good people from all over the world with a shared vision…

Nicolas Landa has this to share:

Since the first time I came to work with the locals, Fidho was on top of it with the GoPro. He made almost all the shots in the intro of the participatory documentary ‘desde el Mar‘. He was just the ‘GoPro man’. Time passed, and he became the coordinator of WAVES Environmental Health program. And we crossed paths again on this short and fun production. Just a working day in Lobitos, with the gopro in hand… Hope you enjoy it! – Nicolas Landa

Check out the first video about Environmental Health with WAVES.

Maricarmen thumbs up at home

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