Vai Brasil!

Vai Brasil!

Hi everyone! My name is Caio Antunes and I’m here to write about my two weeks in Lobitos with the WAVES for Development crew.

First of all, let me explain the title of this post, I’m from Brasil and I have the honor to be the first brazilian volunteer here. I hope that several others will come to Lobitos working in the WAVES for Dev. after me.

I arrived in Lobitos on April 1st, after a short walk to see the beach, I went back to the WAVES house and met Javier, a volunteer from Switzerland, working with a lot of wood. He said to me: I’m gonna built a mini-ramp for the kids! At that time, I knew it that I was in the right place.

The next days were pure fun, a good swell hit Lobitos and we surfed fun waves everyday. Besides that, I helped Javier with the Mini ramp and went to some surf and english classes to help the teachers and get in touch with the kids and the community. Every Night Sam or Tali prepared delicious meals and we all ate the whole thing and went to bed with a smile on the face.

In the end of the first week I decided what to do as my personal project, and spoke to Sam and Daniela about the idea. The brazilians are the biggest visitors of Lobitos. Every week there’s at least one group of surfers from my “beaultiful home” ehehe… and most of the guys doesn’t know that the WAVES for Dev exists and what they do over here. So I decided to write some articles about Lobitos and the WAVES work to share in the Brazilian surf media and besides that I’m gonna translate all the website content to create a Portuguese version. Uhaa!!

But I wasn’t able to do all of that in my last week in Lobitos, so I create others forms to help the community as well. I helped Henry a local kid who surfs very well and is starting to do some works as photographer. I taught him how to use the photoshop to treate his photos and also create a flickr page. If you want to check it out go to ( And I use a video camera that I brought with me to film the work in the mini ramp. I will make a short video with all the images and uses that to get some donations of skateboards for the local kids.

To finish, I just want to thanks all the WAVES staff for the 2 weeks that I spent in this very special place that I will visit again and again, for sure. Ow, one last thing we finish the ramp and it’s f**king awesome! But this is a story that Javier will tell you guys in a future post.


Ps: If someone wants to contact me, to ask something about Lobitos or even Brazil just send an email to or visit my website: Aloha!

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