Sponsor a Project: WAVES 2012 Holiday Campaign

Sponsor a Project: WAVES 2012 Holiday Campaign


WAVES ongoing projects continue to build momentum, and now we need your support: donate to sponsor and share with your friends! All funds raised go directly into the project fund. Click on the pictures below and go to the project sponsor page you would like to support.

Click photo to sponsor and watch video of Henry

1. Henry´s Surf Photography Program

Henry self funds his English and Electrician school studies through the sale of surf photos in the WAVES community surf shop. As his ability and local competition have grown,  he is in need of a professional telephoto lens for his Canon SLR.  The sigma 150-500mm F/5-6.3 is valued at over $1000.  WAVES would like to match the amount of money he saves. Help him reach his goal! 

2. Pepe: Board Repair and Surf Instruction Training

Click picture to sponsor and watch video of Pepe

Pepe is motivated.  Fore example, he began repairing boards and helping volunteers learn to surf in his free time. In addition, he works in the WAVES community surf shop-  where he’s learning English to communicate. To further his career goals, we are fundraising for an internship with Klimax surfboards in Lima.  As part of that internship he’d like to couple the visit to Lima with an official surf instructor course put on by FENTA.  Total goal for his time in Lima: $1000. Help him here

3.  Skate Ramp Double Up

Click photo to sponsor and watch video with Junior

The local youth having taken ownership of the current skate ramp, one of the first in Northern Peru. They have organized and hosted skate competitions, encouraged and taught younger youth to learn, and maintained the ramp and donated skateboards.  We would like to help them achieve their goal of doubling the size of the ramp.  Total investment: $1000. Help build the ramp here.

4. WAVES Micro Loan Fund:

Irene and the MLF beneficiaries. Click to see sponsor video.

The community banking initiative is locally owned and most importantly: locally managed. The fund is designed to grant Lobitos community members easy and affordable access to home health improvements and small business capital. Past projects have included concrete floors,  room construction, roof installation and small business loans. This Fund is self propagating and will grow to reach more people in need. Help local community members by funding us here.

 On behalf of the whole WAVES family, we appreciate any sponsor support that you may be willing to provide us and this includes inkind donations (skate boards, cameras, camera lens, digital video cameras). Please feel free to contact me personally for any questions of any particular project: tali (at) wavesfordevelopment (dot) org

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