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School is starting soon so it’s a great time to look back on all that has happened in and out of the water this summer at WAVES Lobitos.

The local groms love when summer roles around in Lobitos, Peru. Summer means more waves, time at the beach, activities at WAVES Land like camping and BBQs (just to name a few). 

These past few months we’ve had a great turn out of kids from the Lobitos community join us for weekend Surf Class. Jhonny, our surf instructor, has done a great job leading the class and capturing all the fun along side our volunteers and WAVES travelers. It’s been incredible to see the kids improving and confidence levels rising higher with every wave!

When the waves are low, we’ve gone out exploring to learn about fishing, tide pool environments and even playing some grooving tunes back at WAVES Land. Lobitos has been blessed with some fabulous WAVES travelers who have offered things like yoga, French classes, s’morse making and photography workshops. Big thanks to our volunteer coordinator, Henry, for organizing such great fun things to do.

We’re looking forward to bigger winter swells coming through these upcoming months, but always look back on those sweet days of summer and smile. Muchas gracias to everyone’s who’s helped out and joined in! 

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