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Support WAVES for Development’s Campaign to bring Soft-Top Surfboards to Lobitos


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The Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Community Outreach Initiatives are teaming up to support a local, Pepe, as he partners with WAVES to open the first FENTA Certified Surf School in Lobitos and to improve the safety and outreach of the Community Surf Classes. In order to achieve both of these goals, we need to have soft-top, learner-specific surfboards.

Pepe has spent the last year assisting with Community Surf Classes and teaching friends to surf. There isn’t a surf school in Lobitos and it is a large gap in the surf market. We have the opportunity to support Pepe and empower him to realize his dream of opening a school that will allow him to become invovled in the developing surf industry. With ISA (International Surfing Association) Surf Instructor Certification and soft-top surfboards, we are only one step away from being the first surf school in Lobitos. The opening of the school and FENTA certification depends on having soft-top boards.

Additionally, soft-top surfboards are an important part of learning to surf in a safe and fun environment and would greatly enhance the Community Surf Classes. These boards would enable the classes to be safer and get more kids in the water surfing. These boards would ensure that the fiberglass boards don’t get damaged during classes and would minimize injuries. With more stable and safer boards, we will be able to reach out to more kids and continue to bolster the surf classes.

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 What impact will soft-top surfboards have on the community?

Your donations towards these learner surfboards will facilitate local young people to become the owners and leaders of Lobitos’ first community led surf school. Pepe will gain leadership and business skills including management, accounting, and marketing.  He will work directly with WAVES to develop the business and will be supported with surf instructor and business education. The surf school would also provide a platform for the training and employment of more local young people as instructors and employees of the surf school.

Soft top surfboards would also allow for the growth of Community Surf Classes which teach the value of physical activity and exercise through the art of surfing. The kids in the courses learn dedication and discipline as well as the importance of respecting and caring for the ocean and environment.

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What does soft-top surfboard mean!?

Soft-top surfboards, sometimes called foamies, are soft boards made from foam construction. They are incredibly buoyant and enable the beginner to catch waves easily. Their dimensions ensure that they are very stable in the water, making it easier for the novice to stand up. These boards are ideal because they minimize the risk of injuries. (Even the fins on this design are soft to a certain degree.) Soft-top surfboards are the international standard for any surf school to teach surfing.

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