Laguna Pai video, recap and photog interviews

Laguna Pai video, recap and photog interviews

Green Fest with the Local Kids…

From the second that these kids found out that they would be covering this event, they were absolutely pumped! Grinning from ear to ear, both Fido and Henry were packed and ready to go over an hour before they were scheduled to leave, with both of them stressing that somehow they would be forgotten about, and the car would leave without them.

I was lucky enough to be hanging out with Fido and Henry, the lucky 2 local kids asked to cover this band, before and after they’d covered the event.

The following is Henry’s take on what went down at Green Fest…

Friday we headed to Green Fest in Piura. We arrived at the coolest hotel ‘Hotel Curuña’ at about 6pm. When we arrived the band we were covering were really excited to meet us, and they invited us to go with them whilst they did a sound check. Nico gave us the necessary guidelines before starting, and once he’d explained everything we had our cameras prepared and were all ready to work. During the sound check the entire power got cut off, so we were worried that the band wasn’t even going to be able to play. But finally the power company came and everything got sorted out.

After the sound check we headed out on to the street, and were able to chat, play some music and basically just get up close and personal with the band. Fido even grabbed one of the guitars and played a little Bob Marley with the band members. We then grabbed some food, and were all ready for what would be our first ever time taking pictures and recording at a concert.

It was crazy because when we arrived ready to film, we weren’t allowed in at first as they didn’t believe that we were with the band, and there were police, security etc that were controlling the entrance. Finally the band arrived and told security that we were with them, and we were allowed on stage to film which

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was awesome!

It was so cool to feel the good vibes from all the people watching, and I even found out that 3 of the band members had previously been surfing in Lobitos. We spent the night filming one of the best reggae bands in Lima.

We will be waiting here in Lobitos next time you want to come catch some barrels with us!

Chatting with the local team…

I thought I’d put a few questions to the team, to find out exactly what they felt they’d learnt from covering a live band at Green Fest…

1. What was your initial reaction when asked to work at this event?

Henry: Nico told me about the event and I said haha of course I’m happy to go.
Fido: As soon as I was asked I knew I’d be more than happy to go and gain filming and photography experience.

2. What was your favorite part about working at this event?

Henry: The music, good vibes and the delicious Chinese restaurant we went to beforehand haha. And of course all the girls wanted their photos taken too.
Fido: This was my first time at a reggae concert so that was amazing, but of course being allowed on stage to film and take photos was the best part.

3. Do you think that having this experience will help you in the future, and if so how?

Henry: It will definitely help me with filming events and people in the future. It’s definitely an awesome experience to have had.
Fido: Of course, it has helped me gain experience as a photographer and with video editing also.

4. Would you be excited to work at events like this in the future, and has this helped you realize other areas of photography you’d be excited to get involved with?

Henry: Of course!

Fido: Obviously!

5. If you could pick one thing, what would you say that you’ve learnt from this experience?

Henry: That I know more about filming than anyone in Lobitos now haha.
Fido: I have the filming abilities to cover lots of types of events in the future, not just surfing.

My take on the kids experience in Lobitos…

From hearing the kids absolutely rave on about how amazing their trip was, to seeing all their photos and videos, to observing the endless hours since the event that they’ve spent editing and organizing their photos and video, I’ve no doubt that they had an amazing time away. I think the fact that 5 days on they’re still so excited about the experience and literally jumping out of their skin to share their photos or film with anyone who has time to sit down and look at them, says it all.

Since getting to know both Henry and Fido over the last 6 weeks, I couldn’t have picked anyone more deserving of such an amazing opportunity. I hope this experience will give them the confidence to pursue future filming and photography opportunities.

But for now, we are going to go do what we do best in Lobitos, and catch some waves!

~Elise Mace

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