Capture: A WAVES Documentary Wins Best Film at Lanzarote Ocean Film & Art Festival

10 Oct 2012by

WAVES for Development submitted the documentary “Capture: A WAVES Documentary” to the Lanzarote Ocean Film and Art Festival (L.O.A.). Besides selecting the documentary, L.O.A invited WAVES to attend the festival and share the stoke of the WAVES experience. As a co-founder, I had the honor to represent the best modern NPO at the festival. Other heroes, such as Peter Brown from Sea Shepherd and Capucine Trochet from Tara Tari, shared their passion for the ocean, the beauty and the fellow man. L.O.A. awarded Capture: A WAVES Documentary ‘Best Film’ for the commitment from WAVES to create environment awareness through the Lobitos educational program in Peru. Only an educated person can make an impact in his life, whatever the field of application (political, economic, environmental, social…). That’s a huge sign sent by the festival to provide and deliver solutions and not just expose or denounce a reality, or state facts. My message is: “Follow your ideal, have no fear and simply do it. Keep up the hard work.” Thanks to Alex,

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Luka, Francesco, Giovanni and their team for your generosity and sensitivity to good causes.

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