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Experience surf travel done differently. Surf great waves while interacting with the local customs, history, and the environmental issues as a volunteer. Learn more about our trip!

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With near constant offshore winds and few crowds, northern Peru really is a surfer’s paradise. Lobitos is uniquely positioned to receive swells from both directions, is rarely flat, and often pumping.


The community outreach opportunities in Peru include assisting with Surf class, Swim classes, other weekly programs, beach clean ups and bioconstruction at our headquarters.


During your time here you will stay in at our HQ, WAVES Land, with other volunteers. There’s a kitchen space for shared cooking, wifi, dorm rooms, a skate ramp, art studio space and garden.

About Lobitos

A small fishing, surfing town on the coast of Northern of Peru, home to just under 1,000 people. The town is frequently described by traveling surfers as one of the safest and cleanest places they have visited in Peru. Expect great surf and welcoming locals.

How you can get involved, in and outside of the water


Your involvement will vary based on the skills and experience you bring to Lobitos. Commonly, travelers contribute to one or more of WAVES’ ongoing education programs in the following areas:

English Language Teaching, Environmental Education, Surf & Swim Classes, Social Entrepreneurship, and Community Outreach.


Projects will vary based on your skills and interests and the needs in the community at the time of your visit. Past volunteer projects have included: community beach clean ups, construction of a skate ramp, a skate competition, music classes, participatory documentary film-making and photography, design and construction of a surf shack, environmental curriculum development, educational movie nights and a recycling art project.

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