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Experience creative audiovisual projects. Participate and interact with the local customs, history, and the environmental issues in Lobitos.

We believe in the power of telling and sharing stories with digital arts as tools for creative expression, connecting with and experiencing Lobitos. Live the audiovisual volunteer experience from a unique point of view.



2014 Participatory Film & Photography Workshops

Goal: Experience theoretical and practical aspects of creating a participatory documentary that results in launching the Cinema Lobitos Project.

May Audiovisual Session

Past Session: May 3-17th

In early 2010 a global team of volunteers rallied support and produced a short film CAPTURE: A WAVES Documentary.  It was accepted to numerous Film Festivals and won Best Film at the Lanzarote Ocean Film Festival in the Canaries.  This project, unknown at the time, was the beginning of Digital Arts activities in Lobitos, which has lead to the photography career of Henry Espinoza Panta and audiovisual producing career of Luchito Tinco.

Since then, a crew of amazing people (film makers, artists, photographers – including team members from CAPTURE) have connected and have visited Lobitos to further the Digital Arts and Audiovisual activities there.

Nicolas Landa, from DocuPeru and Recreo, also shares his over 10 years experience making documentaries in Peru.  Nicolas, a friend and mentor to Henry and Luchito, has driven the launch of a unique project that participatively builds on past success… the Lobitos Cinema Project.

If you’re interested in joining a future session to create something new, let us know, we have limited  spots.

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  • Shooting daily life
  • Portraits
  • Pictures project
  • Community screenings
  • Fishing trips
  • Surfing
  • Caves exploration
  • Camping

WAVES Digital Arts and Communications Background:

Past Workshop: February 17-March 15, 2014

workshop image febrero

DocuPeru EOD 2014_


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