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In 2013 WAVES International introduced the WAVES Corps. Think of it as part short term Peace Corps for surfers, part Boot Camp training for aspiring International Development workers. In it’s essence, it’s small group mobilization for sustainable surf tourism that culminates with time abroad.

Welcome to the WAVES Corps Volunteer Resource Section

This section of the website is a tool for student leaders and volunteers to use in preparation for every WAVES Corps mission and project. A WAVES Corps mission is a short term exploration of the community through the lens of one of the WAVES Programs. Throughout this section, you will find instructions on everything from establishing a chapter on your campus to recruiting volunteers, from holding information sessions to preparing for your mission. These resources, along w/ your Corps Advisor, will be the ultimate resource in establishing your chapter, and planning your mission.

What is a WAVES Corps Chapter Leader?

A Chapter leader is the Chapter President who is working to start a WAVES Corps chapter or is coordinating a mission to an already existing WAVES Corps chapter. Being a Chapter Leader is an opportunity to establish and refine leadership skills, mobilize like-minded individuals, have fun and surf great waves. If this sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch with our Corps Advisor who helps along the way.

Interested in connecting with a WAVES Corps Advisor? Contact us at: info@wavesfordevelopment.org

What is a WAVES Corps Volunteer?

A WAVES Corps Volunteers is a student or professional that is volunteering with an upcoming mission. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please work with your Chapter Leader/President on determining your mission dates and look to them for guidance during your mission planning process. As you work with your Chapter Leader in planning your mission, please also refer to the Step By Step Guide for WAVES Corps Volunteers.

Contact us for the WAVES Corps Step By Step Guide.